NYSNA & Mocho Village, Inc. 2020 Medical Mission in Jamaica

This summer Mocho Village & NYSNA will be partnering to bring rural Jamaicans with much needed medical attention. Joining our team will allow you to explore and experience the richness of Jamaica’s culture while providing medical care to those in need. This trip will allow you to interact with the locals, learn the Jamaican language and be free with nature. You will utilize your skills to help people in dire need become healthier versions of themselves. This life-changing Medical Mission will last 10 days, from August 2nd until August 11th, and will cost $1500. Signing up to work with us is a two-step process, the first step is to pay and the second step is to provide us with the documentation to obtain clarence to work with us abroad.

Throughout this event participates will be housed at Hotel Four Seasons, Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa, and GC Villa. A step by step breakdown of our planned events is listed below.

Tickets are available for medical professionals to purchase now.

Medical Professionals – 10 Day Plan
Medical Professionals – Other Amount